Divorce Protection for Your Beneficiaries

Most of our clients who are parents worry about unexpected occurrences that may happen in the life of their children or beneficiaries in the future. For example, parents are concerned about protecting their children’s inheritance from events such as divorce, creditors, lawsuits, business failing, bankruptcy, and spending habits of a child or spouse of a child. No parents want the inheritance they intend to leave for their children or other loved ones to be within the reach and use of their sons-in-law or daughters-in-law, especially if they are separated from the children and are in the process of divorce. Furthermore, no parents want creditors of their children to be able to reach the children’s inheritance. Likewise, no parents wish for an unpredictable and undesirable event in the life of a child or a beneficiary that will cause their inheritance to be wasted or go to anyone other than their intended beneficiaries.

So the question is if at the time parents are establishing their estate plan, no such undesirable event exist in the life of their children against such future events or negative developments that may or may not exist in an unknown date in the future?

Today, we are able to take appropriate, affirmative measures against such undesirable occurrences in the future, so that your children’s inheritance will be protected and not wasted. Be sure to express any such concerns during your visits to our office.

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