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Preservation of our clients’ assets;

Creation of programs to maintain full control over assets in case of incapacity; transferring assets to beneficiaries without court proceedings while taking advantage of tax laws;

Special planning suitable for extenuating circumstances such as: special needs, second marriage situations (blended family), and/or spendthrift children

Special planning for the elderly with Medi-Cal;

Protecting the estates of the elderly from government taxation;

Facilitating programs to maintain full control of the clients’ assets during their lifetime.

Our Definition of a Comprehensive Estate Planning

A “Comprehensive Estate Planning” is a strategy that custom-makes and personalizes every aspect of planning for transfer of your assets to your loved-ones based on your:

  • Desires, 
  • Family situation,
  • Needs,
  • Concerns, 
  • Relationships with your loved ones, and
  • Peace of mind,

What a “comprehensive Estate Planning” encompasses in the firm of Manesh & Mizrahi, APLC?

  • Review and analysis of the nature and traits of your property (community property versus separate property) and existence of any property agreements, including pre-marital agreements.
  • Discussions on what your objectives and goals are, how you wish to structure your estate, transferring of your assets, and distribution of your wealth as you deem appropriate.
  • Discussion and analysis of the tax consequences of the estate planning you have in mind.
  • Discussion and analysis of how to minimize the impact of taxes so as to benefit you and your loved ones.
  • Discussion and analysis of alternative estate planning strategies.
  • Discussion of potential conflicts and specific recommendations so as to minimize occurrence of such conflict.
  • Setting forth a specific and clear action plan to carry out the Comprehensive Estate Planning that you choose.

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