Personal Consultation

How can you benefit from a personal consultation with Mr. Manesh?

At Manesh & Mizrahi, A Professional Law Corporation, Mr. Michael Manesh provides a tailor-made specific estate plan individually designed for you and your family. There is no one-size-fits-all estate plan in our office. Mr. Manesh’s 28 years of practice of law has taught us a lot about what’s the best way to create a beneficial estate plan for our clients. In our experience, no two clients are the same, even if we compare clients of the same age, same financial status, same education and same number of children.

When you make an initial consultation appointment with our office to see Mr. Manesh, rest assured that he will take time to learn as much about your priorities, your concerns, your relationships, your values and your desires as he will to learn about your assets and liabilities. The reason why Mr. Manesh cares so much about these “intangibles” in your life is because your estate plan needs to be a series of “living documents” to manage your financial affairs, not only at the present time when you are well and alive, but also, those same documents must be capable of effectuating your goals, your objectives and your wishes in regards to your family members and/or your loved ones, when you are not able to make those decisions yourself.

Most clients who come in for consultation with Mr. Manesh find out that there is a lot more than who to leave their assets to in the event of their death. They learn the need to have an estate plan that is in line with nature of their relationships with their loved ones, their financial traits and spending habits, the degree of beneficiaries’ financial needs and expectations, taking into account the gifts/devices they have already made to those loved ones, and may include other social as well as cultural traits and characteristics and lots of other factors and parameters. You will learn that the more your attorney takes time to learn about all these “intangible elements” and the make-up and dynamics of your family members, the more that he will be able to create a tailor-made estate plan that will meet your needs and expectations.

How long does the consultation session last with Mr. Manesh?

We do not limit the time Mr. Manesh spends with you in your initial consultation. It does not surprise our office staff to see Mr. Manesh spending 2-3 hours with a family who initially expressed they just needed a “simple estate plan” and were calling around to shop for the lowest rates on the phone. Naturally, all such individuals who come in and spend hours with Mr. Manesh leave our office with a sigh of relief when they retain our services, having realized that they should not be looking for a “bunch of documents”, but rather a well-designed tailor-made estate plan that is responsive to their individual characters, priorities, values, and relationship with each of their loved ones.

What if I already have an estate plan and wish to get a second opinion?

If you wish to get a second opinion from Mr. Manesh to make sure that your existing estate plan is suitable and sufficient to benefit you and your family to the fullest possible degree, just bring all copies (or the originals) of your documents to the consultation meeting. In such consultation session, Mr. Manesh will not only review your documents, but will also carefully review all property deeds and/or business entity documents, so that he can advise you in those regards. So the more complete documents you bring with you for Mr.Manesh’s review, the more beneficial your consultation will be for you.

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